What's the working level status of Linux compatibility (opengl)

Hi Guys,

Ive only just started looking at code and examples after taking 24 hours to download everything (on Bt hotspot unfortunately). Ive not seen any documentation in regards to UE4 Opengl dev. Any idea’s?

Linux isn’t supported yet, but it appears to be in development.

Unreal already supports OpenGL for Mac and OpenGL ES for mobile platforms, so its just matter to plug it in to Linux envriament

Hey Guys, Yeah ive looked through the code quickly but i don’t see any Opengl specific (e.g full on opengl not ES). Any pointers to where specific Opengl code is located? What im looking to work on being able to choose the rendering mode (DX or opengl) even on windows platforms. Ive been making my own Opengl 4.2 Physically based rendering engine, have some videos on youtube just search kingbadger3d. If most the code is already in i reckon i could port over alot of my stuff and gets this working within weeks. Any Dev feed back from epic would be helpful.

Look into /Engine/Source/Runtime/OpenGLDrv

As for Linux: current github code is missing bits required for Linux client, so you won’t (cross-)compile for it. However, Linux code uses the same OpenGL module.

@RCL_, Cheers Brother. I’ve been working on my engine for a while, Mostly Shader based engine. If I have a bit of support from you boys and girls at epic im more than willing to just push my engine for Opengl through your new app sales system as a sales item for $10-$20. Talk to your people and let me know if that’s possible?, wouldn’t even mind maybe a Badger Epic release. If not possible Please at least give me a channel to epic through email or sommin like that. Just PM me. J