What's the use of 'Lock AILogic' in 'Move to Location or Actor'?

Just like the question, what’s the use of ‘Lock AILogic’? What effect? Can anyone answer me the details?

Did you ever figure this out?


Allow me to Necropost this one :smiley:

AFAIK there is still no doc on this one…

I was having an issue with a Selector Node like this:


[Task with Condition with Abort LowPrio] [Task with Move to Location or Actor]

If my moving task was started, even when the condition was turning true, the moving task was still running…

Then I noticed this “Lock AILogic” option, and tried to disable it… and voila, it worked.

So if I’m not wrong, it locks the Behavior Tree Logic to the current moving task.

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AiTask move to = Move to Location or Actor node is used to move AI with option to lock behavior tree when Lock AiLogic=1. When node finish with fail/success then behavior tree is unblocked which can be see if you run and debug ai by press ’ and see time is frozen during execution of your AiTask move to = Move to Location or Actor node.

Without Lock AiLogic=0 (uncheck), AI will try execute your node but task from behavior tree will override it. And it is same situation as you use following node: Simple Move to location/actor, Ai Move To, which you can use if your AI has not own behavior tree and used for simple ai logic


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I post solution which we use in our game workflow