What's the status on mergable assets?

Been waiting for it for quite some time. It was originally supposed to be complete last year, but somehow keeps getting pushed back.

Is there any news on this?

Never say never…
But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for this.

Bump. Still need an update here.

And another bump!

Hey, I did some research and it looks like there has been movement on this request. It’s actually making a lot of progress and you should see updates around it soon. I’ll see if we have a public tracker and if not, I’ll see if we can expose it.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I was hoping for :smiley:

I left a note on the internal report for it yesterday that I’d like to expose it for public tracking, now waiting on approval.

Could you also find out what happened to texture arrays? There’s a pull request marked as “under review” since almost a whole year, so clearly something went wrong:

I think some pull requests for new features have fallen behind. I can take a look, but I can’t promise a developer will be able to address it very soon.

[MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] it’s been a month, news on either of these?

Any update yet? :slight_smile:

There is a lot of progress in this commit, but it’s not clear whether it is finished yet: