What's the right way to set a package path in the content browser?

I’ve been trying to get my imported objects to go to the right place for a while without much success. Right now, everything is going into a folder named “Script Content” (Internally it’s called /Script) and not into a path I specify or even where the user specifies the imported files should go. But I also have some questions about packages.

What is a package? My understanding of it right now is that it’s an “Outer” and can give the editor hints about where an asset is located. Can I have more than one asset per package? Do you see packages in the content browser, or just assets?

Anyway, this mess is how I’m trying to move them to the right place right now:

FString PackageName = FString("/Game/BakedAssets"); // +*Filename;UPackage * Package = NewObject<UPackage>(UPackage::StaticClass(), FName(*PackageName), RF_Standalone | RF_Public);
StaticMesh = (UStaticMesh *)MeshFactory->FactoryCreateBinary(UStaticMesh::StaticClass(), Package, FName(*Filename), RF_Standalone | RF_Public, nullptr, TEXT("obj"), Buffer, 0, GWarn, bAndOutOperationCancelled);

How’s that supposed to look?