what's the relationship between .obj 3d files and c++ .obj files?

Hi community!

I’m teaching myself the C++ programming language, and I came across the .obj files that you can produce whilst coding for said language. The extension of these files is similar to the one you can use for saving 3d models, .OBJ. I tried googling for this relationship, but nothing really appeared on my searches… so I was wondering if anyone on these forums would have an answer to this question?

It confuses me that two very different entities share the same extension. What would be the explanation behind this?

They are unrelated.
In c++ those files are pieces of LLVM machine code generated from Cpp files that later will be used to build yourGame.exe file.

Thanks for the answer [USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER], I knew that was the case for the cpp files, but it seems strange that someone else decided to have an .obj extension on a different type of file - wouldn’t that open up the door to potentially compiling a 3d model in a C++ solution and have an error as a result? Or some other strange stuff going on because of that?

No, there’s not official registry of file extensions, there’s plenty of file types that use the same extension, just look at .mdl files

Wow, just seen all of the different .mdl files and it’s something else. Thanks for the insight all!