What's the proper Workflow for Blueprint project (for 2+ man)?

Hi All,

(I did a few search on “workflow” but can’t find anything that’s offer a tip for my situation)

I’ve just started using UE4 2 weeks ago to help a friend with an ArchViz project.
I’m the script-er (blueprint) and he is the artist.

  • He creates the model in 3D package and bring it into UE4 level.
  • I grab the model (actor) and generate a class blueprint, hook it up to level blueprint.
  • He grab the actor with blueprint, position it in space and changes the shaders, etc.
  • I do some change in blueprint and level blueprint.

That problem is we doing this in tandem. We were physically switching chairs on a single computer to do our respective part.
Especially, when I have to touch the Level Blueprint and he had to do visual changes to the level.

Now that the project is done, I have more time to think.
What I did wrong was to have 95% of the script in the Level Blueprint (we were both fighting to use the level file - .umap)
Only after the project was finished, I have figured out how to communicate between Level BP and Class BP correctly.
So this should reduce my dependency on the level file.
But there will still be time where we both need to access the level file toward the end of a project (when we bring everything together, bug fix, final art tweaks, etc).

How do you structure your workflow so art and script development can happen more parallel-ly?
Any tips that we can improve on our end?


That’s what source control is there for so that you can both be working independently and commit your changes to the main branch when you are ready so that he can grab your changes and make his own.

Personally I have not been working on large group projects in blueprint so im not sure how well it handles merges but since blueprints are essentially text files it should handle them fine. Guess conflict resolution may become a bit interesting though.

There was reason why I didn’t use source control (my current choice is Git). The ArchViz style data is probably going to kill my repo. When I got hold of the project, it’s sitting at 600mb (with Intermidate and Save directory deleted). 10~ish textures = around 300mb (2k ~ 4k textures).

Anyway, I wasn’t aware that class blueprint is text files.
I just assume all those uasset, umap, etc were binary files.

But what about Level BluePrint? where is it stored? is it also in text file?


ZoltanJr, thanks for pointing the text file. I manage to look up other forum regarding my workflow issue.
My assumption was right. :-P. It’s binary.

In a 2 man short term side project, I’m already feeling the pain these guys are having :

I think my approach is to move as many things as possible into class blueprint. Then only touch level blueprint when required.
Also in the level blueprint, I might utilise the persistent Level to load in other levels that the artist use.
Anyway, that’s my theory for now. If i have another project like this, I’ll test it out.

You should just keep the same standards with blueprints as you would with any regular programming. If you keep everything modular then you should minimize your issues with conflicts but everybody will have a different way of doing this, as long as everybody on the team uses the same sort of methods then you should find what works best for you.