Whats the proper way to attach 2 hands to an object using FABRIK?

So I have been trying to attach my characters second hand to a socket using the FABRIK node so that I don’t have to create different animations for weapons with different dimensions. I can’t seem to get it to work correctly.
This is the most recent attempt, that I had found as an answer to similar question. but it was no dice, the hand was behind the back.

But I also tried following the guide [posted here][3], and the left-hand just stayed fixated to to the right one. Im not sure what i’m doing wrong or how to fix it, any help would be appreciated.

Hi, not sure if you ever figured this out, but in your first screenshot, you need to connect your location output from “Get Socket Transform” into a “Transform To Bone Space” node that translate that location into a location relative to your “RightHand” bone (which you’d specify in the Transform to Bone Space node). The location output from that should then be what you set your LeftHandIK variable with.

In that Get Socket Transform you’re using, is LHand the grip socket on your weapon? I just want to be sure, because I’d normally call that something like “SecondaryGrip” rather than make it hand exclusive (consider the possibility that you might want to support a left/right handed option in the future).

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Thanks @Nostrildumbass , this is a great explanation to an issue that I’ve struggled to figure out for a LONG time. It’s insane the official documentation doesn’t explain this so simply, but I’m happy to say IK is finally working perfectly for me, now.

I’m reviving this thread to add one piece of info that tripped me up… the “Transform to Bone Space” node will only work with bones, not sockets. Maybe that’s obvious to some, but I assume they were interchangeable and they are not. Cheers!