What's the proper node to get "current" user of a widget?

Tried my widget on multiple clients and the functions inside the widget kept calling out to player on index 0

Can someone tell me the proper node to “Get Owner Controller/Player” references that registers properly on a widget? Tyty

it depends on what you whant to do, try to use “get owning player” it returns a player controller ref

Just make sure you assign the owner when you add it to the viewport. I believe that is the owner node’s only function, and isn’t otherwise needed.

AH!, finally figured it out, didnt know that i could just make a function or event from the UI that required an input from the create widget output ref inside the main actor(equipment in my case) and use the function to pass the main actor’s owner controller to the function that was pulled from the UI and then set that on variable anddddd im makin progress, again XD

thank you guys, appreciates your help, as always ^^