What's the proper/most efficient way of adding classes to plugins/modules?

So the c++ class creation wizard only lets you add classes to your game’s sources (or is it even restricted to the main module?)

What would be the “best” way of adding new c++ classes to plugins or specific modules?

I’ve tried:

  • Creating a class through the c++ wizard, moving it to my plugin, renaming the [MYMODULE]_API specifiers, and regenerating the project files
  • Creating .h and .cpp files from windows explorer and writing everything from scratch

But in both cases, manual work is needed. Is there not a more proper way to do this?

I am curious to know this as well. I have having a very hard time getting started with plugin development because of this…

I believe in 4.13 you can add c++ class to project plugins with c++ class wizard. Personally I add them manually anyway.