What's the Point of Comment Bubbles?

We can’t read the text in the comment bubbles because the bubbles don’t occlude the other stuff in the graph. The only time we can consistently read them is when we’re zoomed-in enough to read the comment in the main part, making the bubbles pointless. Please make them pointful, so to speak.

Or just disable them (new feature in 4.18)

I saw that and am disabling them. It would be nice if there was a global setting that disabled them all. Going around and turning them off for every comment is less than ideal. Plus, with a global setting, two people could look at the same project, one with them there and one with them not.

UE 4.18.2 and it’s harassing “bubbles”… I am split between these 2:
The definition of a “Borred Geek” or a “Borred Nerd”?