whats the name of Widget Components class?

i got UStaticMeshComponent as root in my actor and i want create and attach widget component to it, but i cant find the name of this class ;(

[UWidgetComponent | Unreal Engine Documentation](UUserWidget | Unreal Engine Documentation)

i did try to create and attach UUserWidget to my UStaticMeshComponent but notthing appeared. [TABLE=“class: hierarchy-table, cellspacing: 0”]

You attach UWidgetComponent that is used to render in 3D your UUserWidget (which is not a component)

sorry i forgot to check components header files so i didnt include “Components/WidgetComponent.h”, [TABLE=“cellspacing: 0”]
[TR=“class: normal-row”]

		thanks for help, everything is working now.

nvm its not compiling lol, “Widget = CreateDefaultSubobject<UWidgetComponent>(TEXT(“Widget Component”));” this part gives me that error: Item.cpp.obj : error LNK2019: ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? “__declspec(dllimport) private: static class UClass * __cdecl UWidgetComponent::GetPrivateStaticClass(void)” (_imp?GetPrivateStaticClass@UWidgetComponent@@CAPEAVUClass@@XZ) ? ??? “public: __cdecl AItem::AItem(void)” (??0AItem@@QEAA@XZ)

UE4Editor-Sarafan-5971.dll : fatal error LNK1120: ??? ??? ???: 1

i spend all day trying everything, this is just not working corrent.

same with 4.17 and 4.18

Did you add UMG as a dependency in your Build.cs file?

no i didnt and yea that was the problem ;( sorry im noob and looks like i need to pay more attention when i read the info.
thanks for helping me out.