Whats the name of the Game:

Currently embarking on an assignment for my HNC Games design course in South Tyneside College.

The basics so far:
i must create a 3D or 2.5D game with the at least 2 cameras and incorporate an additional button press.
all using UE4 4.7
either using my own assets or using some from the market to build this game or level.

i am planning to create a first person shooter using a sling shot and possibly a water pistol, this will be a Bart Simpson style game.
The console this will be created for is the oculus rift.

watch this space and see how i do.

Sounds like fun, looking forward to updates/

i have been thinking hard about my idea and have decided on a basic back story of the game obviously this is going to be a lot more detailed than i am able to compliment in to the game at my novice level but here we go:

so we have a 11 year old boy who has decided he would like to camp out in his tree house at the bottom of his garden when suddenly there is a storm comes which renders him terrified so to get over his fear he pics up a gun his father made for him out of a tree and bamboo using his imagination the game comes to life.

the young boy must make his way through what seems like a never ending garden to the safety of his home, the scenario the boy creates is a dense Forrest/ jungle where a tribe of men are hunting for their next meal he must escape all enemies using his toy gun and survive to get home.

gun.jpg this is a basic look at the boy (Tommys) Gun

d83f667bc22d7924ba1c02b7b87b79024135f8a5.jpegcc5ea026614cf056e1e455b1e5d69b1c8a1b6c94.jpeg369e342bba6bb16d398eff2df939ca15c47ee870.jpegfront view of garden.jpgsandbox.jpgsandpit in garden.jpg

benches.jpgpartyscene.jpgin game.jpg these are some more images of my game level, i must admit i am finding unreal rather hard to use.