What's the minimum req. for mobile dev on unreal4? iOS & Android

Any mobile examples out there?

There are a couple great examples on the marketplace!

I’m curious if you can simply submit to apple no problem? And Android it seems? Awesome if we can!

Well to publish to Apple you first have to register as a developer. You can do that Here! Apple charges $99 a year. I’m not sure about Android. I’m assuming its a similar process.

Hi Gil,

I’m curious what you meant by minimum req for mobile dev? Do you mean for your dev system or what devices are supported?

The recommended specs for systems are here:

We have info on currently supported devices here:

Android development is free, you just pay to access the marketplaces.

iOS Loading times for Tappy Chicken:

iPad 2 … 4 seconds
iPhone 4 … 8 seconds

Everything nicely smooth. I can’t believe. Bravo!

That is nice speed and all but I wonder what the 3d games are going to have with drawcells and such :slight_smile: I will be testing that soon :slight_smile:

Actually I’m not impressed at all. In an iPhone 4 the game runs at 30fps and is not smooth at all. Just compare it with Flappy Bird.

Just compare it with UDK :wink:

He means minimum mobile device requirement.

No knowlegde there, but in Unity I’d be able to make something like Flappy easily run at 60fps. I expect nothing less from UE4. Actually I expect more in the future :).