Whats the equivalent event or function for c++ in UE4 of UE3 collision ones?

event hitwall, event falling, event bump, event touch, event landed, event rigidBody collision.?
So what is now the functions or the only function that provides a substitution for them.?
What about bCollide, bBlockActors ? it’s still the same way or wich is the equivalent?

Bump no ideas?

Im afraid i cannot code myself the event falling and landed hehe, " wich happend whenever you falled from a surface to the " where the gravity brings you at" and landed " whenever you landed".

Any ideas about this two ones?


Dear Neongho,

you should get used to searching the UE4 code base! All your answers are there!

I recommend wingrep, its free www.wingrep.com

Your Questions**

Check these functions out in Character.h !!!

As you can see there is way more info then we ever had in UE3 Unrealscript, and this is not even a complete list!


UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category="Pawn|Character")
	virtual void LaunchCharacter(FVector LaunchVelocity, bool bXYOverride, bool bZOverride);

	/** Let blueprint know that we were launched */
	virtual void OnLaunched(FVector LaunchVelocity, bool bXYOverride, bool bZOverride);

	/** Event fired when the character has just started jumping */
	UFUNCTION(BlueprintNativeEvent, Category="Pawn|Character")
	void OnJumped();

	/** Called when the character's movement enters falling */
	virtual void Falling() {}

	/** Called when character's jump reaches Apex. Needs CharacterMovement->bNotifyApex = true */
	virtual void NotifyJumpApex() {}

	/** Called on landing after falling has completed, to perform actions based on the Hit result. Triggers the OnLanded event. */
	virtual void Landed(const FHitResult& Hit);

	/** Called on landing after falling has completed, to perform actions based on the Hit result. */
	virtual void OnLanded(const FHitResult& Hit);

	 * Event fired when the Character is walking off a surface and is about to fall because CharacterMovement->CurrentFloor became unwalkable.
	 * If CharacterMovement->MovementMode does not change (from Walking) during this event then the character will start falling.
	UFUNCTION(BlueprintNativeEvent, Category="Pawn|Character")
	void OnWalkingOffLedge();


actually i did search for example actor, i though collision functions/events would be grouped, but the only 1 i found is ReciveHit and others. I might not have searched it on the right place ? i don’t know.
Well thanks anyways, UE4 it’s not missing anything wich UE3 already had thankfully.
P.S oh i see, character not actor nor pawn.