What's the efficient way of creating a map of an island using a i7 12700, RTX 3060 and 48 GB RAM for the map size of 45km of land and 20km of water?

I plan on developing an island for the purposes of creating my game. I am curious how efficient it would be to work this into Unreal 5.2.1.

Turn on world partition, and make it not too dense (e g, no “cityscape matching manhattan” covering it all.)
It should hopefully work OK.

Part of the island will be covered in city stuff, some parts have mixture of buildings and one area offshore being a secret or military base.

Try downloading the Unreal 5 demo city level, to see if your system will handle that level of density.

Hey @t3xx3r I recommend you to watch carefully this video, you’ll find the key here:
Anyways, with 64GB RAM + 12GBVRAM +i9-12900K I’m stuck with smaller landscapes, so I think to calculate something like that you’ll need a server.