Whats the easiest way to set up a server?

I have a friend coming over for Thanksgiving and I’m wanting to have a server already setup on my FPS Game so that we could play against each other on separate computers, when he comes. But it’s been really hard trying to make a server. I’ve downloaded the Multiplayer Shootout content and I even did almost everything they did and it still doesn’t seem to help. Is their any videos out their that will give you the step by step process of setting up a server in a level?

Please help! A link or anything would help!


To start standard server (you know client that works as a server, use mostly in LANs) start the game on map with “?Listen” surfix in name in command line
To start dedicated server (server without client on) you start game with “-server” option

This works on any UE4 game, including editor builds and except “Client” builds which missing server code

Here you have documentation:

That teaches me how the server works, but it doesn’t give me a step by step process of setting up a server with first making a menu, then creating a widget, adding this node, that node etc. Is their a video that will give me a step by step process of creating a server?

Don’t expect people will do tutorials for you on demend, it consumes time. Just make whatever widget that on click will execute console command “open MapName?listen” which MapName is name of the map, there UI tutorials and there node to execute console comman too, easy to find if you use search. Seperate task in to invidual problems