Whats the difference between packaging and launching for iOS?

So I’m working on publishing my first iOS game and I’m running into what seems to a major issue. When I launch my game to my iPad, it works just fine and runs very smooth, but when I package it to a folder on my Mac and instal it through iTunes to test on my iPad, it crashes before even loading the game.

What could the problem be? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Was the package build successful? Did you package for development?

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Yes, the build was successful and I do have the packaging settings set to shipping.

you must package for development when testing as you have described, and package for shipping to upload to the app store.

Ok, thanks! I was so worried that I would need to spend a bunch of time optimizing it again or something for the App Store again.

My understanding is Packaging for development will only work on the divices you’ve specifided in when generating the mobile provision. A shipping provision will only work on devices when purchased from the App Store.