Whats the Difference between Offline and Online version of Unreal Engine 4

Hey guys,

whats the difference between Offline and Online version of Unreal Engine 4, because I know we have to pay £12/$20 a month to use online, but im not sure about offline version without paying, please help?

No updates. Otherwise the same thing.

Hi Chris Szkoda,

There isn’t a Online vs Offline version per se. If you’re referring to a person who has a current subscription vs one who has decided to cancel I will clarify some information there. If I’m wrong on this rephrase the question and I’ll see if I can help you.

When you subscribe and download the engine you get access to that version of the engine and any content that is currently available in the Marketplace. You are able to use any content from these examples in your own game so long as you have a subscription.

If you choose to cancel your subscription you can continue to use the engine and any content you have downloaded, however you will not be able to get any updates for the engine or from the Marketplace.

This link can tell you a bit more in detail about restrictions and stipulations when you have and don’t have a subscription

I hope this helps clarify what you were asking. If not, followup and I’ll get you an answer! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Cheers guys