What's the difference between AimOffset and BlendSpace?

We know that AimOffset inherits from BlendSpace, but what is the core difference between the two? When should I use AimOffset instead of BlendSpace? When should I use BlendSpace instead of AimOffset?

A blend space source only animation source, this means that it is only outputs an animation similar to a regular sequence player node dose.
On the other hand AimOffset is applied as an additive animation on to the animation you feed into it’s input.

but you can create a blend space with additive animations and apply it as an additive. Isn’t that the same thing?

It is but it’s like a macro since the aim offset ABP node combines both the blendspace and the apply additive into a single node

Also the the aim offset asset won’t let you add incorrect additive types, there’s also an aim offset look at node where you can feed it a vector to interpolate the lookAt

It has it’s place it’s just not that obvious at first glance