What's the difference between a Widget and a User Widget?

I’m just getting started with learning UMG. Somewhere along the way, I got confused because I couldn’t add a Widget to the Viewport, with the node claiming that I should provide a UserWidget reference instead. My question is, What’s the difference between a Widget and a User Widget?

i think you are confusing the Target of Add To viewport. you dont set a Widget asset as target but the reference of the created widget. take this function i use to show a floating widget when im close to an item. i create the widget, grab the reference and add it to the viewport. its also good practice to add the ?Is valid so you dont recreate a widget that already exists, so instead of creating twice, just bring it back to the viewport and when you are done, hide it with Remove from Parent

Updated to avoid confusion: the extra parameters you see (ItemPosition and Message) are variables “Expose on Spawn” on the widget, if you add something logic to the construct, using those variables and changing whatever text or position you want.