What's the current status of Root Motion?

We plan on using root motion for all of our basic movements however we are hearing conflicting reports that root motion does not work across a network as it once required the use of a Montage which since 4.6 is no longer a requirement.

Bad case of old info mixing in with new based on this document.

It’s rather unclear as the update states that root motion is now handled per animation, since 4.6, yet ends with the quote that a Montage is still required for RM to work successfully yet in our current development, with network testing still to come, RM works just fine using key drive events.

The question then is does root motion no longer need a Montage to replicate over a network, as stated at the bottom of the document, or is a Montage still required for the RM to work successfully as stated at the top of the document?

In other words will it replicate as it does in local mode? (IE what you see is what you get)


It would also be helpful if a “as of” date as added to the header when additions or corrections are added to a document.

If I recall correctly, the last update was that the “root motion on everything” feature was only client side. I think Epic mentioned in one of their streams that Montage was initially designed to tackle networking issues. My memory is foggy on the issue, so I would also like to get a clarification on this.

I have a problem with the document too since the tutorial it gives is for pre 4.6 and i haven’t been able to set it up. can any one tell me the basic steps i would be realy greatful