What's the best way to respawn a bot?

I’m trying to respawn a bot through a centralized function/custom event in the game mode. Respawning players is fine, but for some reason I need to branch out the respawning to differentiate between player and bot. If bot, I can’t just destroy and respawn ai, because new player state is added (I overwrote this in c++ because I need the bot to have a player state). If I try to possess new actor with existing ai controller, editor crashes. Any thoughts on a fluid way to handle this?

You could instead of respawning them simply setup a “reset” so they aren’t dead so to speak and then move them in their reset state to a new starting point so you aren’t constantly spawning and destroying actors and so on. so when they “die” they go ragdoll or whatever the sequence for dying is set to and then set visibility to false on them set their world location to a respawn point and reset ragdoll to false and visibility to true and any variables back to their starting values etc, etc. Also you would never have to unpossess or repossess anything it would simply go into a “im dead” state and then be reset and pushed back out the door for more combat.

ya, this seems to be a good solution. thanks. i wonder if unreal tournament handle’s their bots in the same way.