What's the best way to Move or Copy a Blueprint in the same project?

So I have a cod style enemy wave template I started building onto originally but then I realized I wanted a better character compared to that one so that I could do more and I bought Weapon Component from the ue4 marketplace and am going to use that character to build upon to add more features from there along with switching it out to my own character via retargeting once I have it set up the way I want and have finished modeling it.

I know its possible to migrate stuff between projects but what about in the same project such as if I wanted to move one blueprint from one character to another? I know retargeting would take the Weapon Component Character and remap whatever he has including his animations onto the new character I am creating for my game but I also know that it wouldn’t include any of the enemy wave blueprint scripting from the original enemy wave template. So that is where my problem starts and means I will have to find a way to move it over to the new character that I am going to retarget from it if that makes sense…

I am thinking I will just copy and paste manually and rebuild/rewrite all of the Blueprint Scripting with variables onto the New Character just to correct it so that is why I am asking in case there is an easier way to do this that I am unaware of? Thanks in advance for any advice and help.

PS - I am definitely going to credit anyone in the game credits with a special thanks for the help and support as well.