Whats the best way to make a dynamic curtain like in The Evil Within 2?

Hi there,

i wonder how i could make such a curtain like the curtains in The Evil within 2. I have tried several ways but nothing get me to the result i want to achieve. I tried it with bones in one line. I tried it with bones more lines and whatnot. But nothing get me the result.

How would you make such a dynamic curtain?

perhaps you should post a video of what you are talking about. Some of us haven’t heard of The Evil Within to start with…

I try to upload a small Video…

I’ve not seen the effect you speak of, but it sounds like you’re looking for cloth simulation? Take a look at this: Clothing Tool | Unreal Engine Documentation

for something like this I use alembic animations imported from Blender. I create it in there with animation as well. Export in .abc format and import into UE4 no problem. The cloth tool works as well so you have options.



Sorry for the delay.
I mean this:

Look at 18:17.

But too bad that Gronk do not run into the curtain. If you run into, the whole curtain reacts on you. I hope you can understand what i mean.

… someone has been living under a rock for too long LMAO

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:slight_smile: Sorry Jojo, Zombies don’t interest me, not even remotely so i don’t bother checking what’s out there. I’m glad to humor you though.

Yea I’d say that could totally be a looping alembic import, but i think it can also be straight out cloth with some subtle wind. It looks simple enough for that. The folds could be a material offset coupled with some normal maps, since cloth sim in UE will most likely flatten out the geometry during sim.


I’ve tried to make dynamic curtains too!

  • Animated (Can be closed via BP)
  • Using Unreal cloth tools
  • Contains bones and physics for collision and animation

You can download it and test it!

It’s not optimised and it contains some artefact. More time is needed to better understand clothes and avoid bending or folding cloth artefact.
You have to tweak the bones mass, physics capsule size to have better reaction when colliding with pawns

It’s a start, I need too some advice to make it better, If you find way to optimize, tell me what’s wrong.

No materials are provided, use your own! :wink:

Hi thanks.

I will try as soon i can.