What's the best way to make a collaborative project with UE4?

Hello everybody,

I’ve tested the way of Github to make a collaborative developpement with UE4, but i didn’t succeed. Why ?
Because i want to use the diff tool of UE4 to compare blueprints and assets when there is conflict, and it’s seems to be impossible with the Git plugin (we have to use Merge tool which crashes the editor).
Using github without the possibility of resolving conflits with that sort of tool is useless…

Are you using perforce or SVN ? It’s the best way ?
Thanks in advance,

I am having the same issues with the SVN plugin. I work in a small team of 3 people, but we are also having serious problems with source control…

Oh, sorry to hear that…
The Github plugin is a nice work, and there is a merge for 4.8 preview… but i think we can’t use it for production at this moment.
Perhaps Perforce is the best way for the moment.
I’m looking for a solution with an external server ? Have you ever heard about UE4/perforce on a Amazon EC2 virtual server ? Another solution ?