what's the best way to handle multiple types of vehicle

Hey all, what’s the best way to proceed with this, since the current way I’m doing it, seems very very micromanaging.

Say I have 10 different tanks, with 10 different turret / exhaust positions. I have, currently, one pawn that the player controls, and depending on the tank they chose, I swap the models, materials, ext in that one pawn. But my problem is each turret / exhaust position and rotation is different. So i made an arrow for each turret, for each tank and same for the exhaust. To then be able to get there position and rotation. This method gets out of hand VERY fast. As the blueprint is filled with tons of arrows, very hard to keep track of each different tank and which uses which. Even with them being named appropriately. I wish I could create a pawn for each vehicle, but all the controls, stats, ext ext are in this master pawn.

Is there a better system then this? I’m thinking I could create a pawn for each, then keep all the controls in a player controller? Just unsure of the proper ways to handle this. Cheers all! Appreciate the help if anyone has any videos / references they could recommend on something like this.

It is common to have a master (parent) blueprint that has all the logic, input and base components and then several child variants that only changes the appearance, position, rotation and any other variables from the parent. This is whats known as Polymorphism.

Oh snap! I’ll check that out! Thanks Garner!