What's the best way to destroy an actor upon overlap?

I want to make it so that when the actor overlaps with the boxcollision you can delete it by pressing a button. But how do I reach the actor? I thought maybe by using world transform or something but I didn’t know how to make that work. Does someone know how to do this?

How it looks in the game

The blueprint for the overlapping. I think the best way is to enter some blueprints in place of the printstring after the branch.

I thought it should look something like this, but this obviously doesn’t work

You could get all overlapping actors and then destroy them. Like this.

Thank you! I didn’t even know that node existed!

Let me try to understand, what is: Low Box? is this “get overlapping actors” node going to find any actor overlapping something? then why is Low Box the target? it will auto fill the “class filter”?