What's the "best" version of linux to run UE 4.10.4 on?

I want to run Unreal Editor 4.10.4 on Linux. Which Linux does UE4 work best on out-of-the box?

I tried Ubuntu 15.04 based on Linux Game Development in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

It builds fine but when I try to run the editor it core dumps (never launches).

I’m always running the latest development release of Ubuntu on my laptop, but I too found that UE doesn’t exactly play nicely when building on newer releases. Typically it will build, but the resulting binaries fail in one fashion or another.

To get around it, I just set up a 14.04 chroot environment. That way, you build everything with the same toolchain as the main devs are (apparently) using. After building, I can exit the chroot and run everything directly from 16.04 - with no issues. The benefit of this is that I can still occasionally attempt to build it with the 16.04 toolchain and see if it runs (the chroot uses my same /home directory, so I don’t even need to duplicate the source), without changing anything about my system. When it gets to a supported state, I’ll just ditch the chroot.

It’s been a long time since I set up this chroot, but BasicChroot - Community Help Wiki should get you started. You might be able to google around for a better guide.

I don’t care about anything but UE4 itself and it’s ability to package my project. So what I’m hearing you say is “Ubuntu 14.04 is the most compatible.” Did I get that right?

FWIW this is a community wiki, so the suggestions there are by community members and not ours :slight_smile:

As for the “best” version: latest Ubuntu is what I (and most QA) run on our machines. We do test latest LTS too though, but if something doesn’t work in latest Ubuntu it has - IMHO - less chances to work in LTS, not more.

Yes, that’s the version suggested here (That Epic reportedly uses): A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums.

By “latest”, do you mean 15.10 or the prerelease of 16.04?

16.04 isn’t released yet (it’s still considered beta), so they’re not working with that. 14.04 was the last LTS, and the one mentioned on the page (which someone seems to have now edited/cleared). That’s why I used it for my chroot.

Yeah, latest released.

This might help without any guaranty. (System I use)

Ubuntu 14.04.4 (using clang 3.5) + (I can’t believe I am saying this) Nvidia Gfx card + (I can’ believe I am saying this too) their proprietary drivers and a lot RAM (16Gb >).

Other distros or Gfx cards with non propriety drivers and or less RAM or different version of clang (other then 3.5) will give you way more headache then you like.

I have gone thru several different versions of UE4 using Ubuntu 14.04LTS and have not had any significant build or use issues.