Whats the best template for RTS?


Ive just installed UE and i’d like to slowly create an RTS in my free time. Which template would fit the best for it? I’d guess “Top down” but i dont want to control a player in top down. Actually i’ve got some ideas about switching between FPS and RTS inside the game, but the main focus is on a Top down view or rather isometric RTS.

Bonus question. Do you think its possible to create a decent game with (almost) only blueprint? I’ve used Cryengine some time earlier and i could do pretty much with only Flowgraphs and by modifying a few .xmls (and flash for UI). Iam not a programmer but ive learned some pascal at highscool and a little c++ on my own (console applications only so far).


Yes, there is a top down template. That would be the best place to start. Then modify it to convert it into a shooter/whatever your needs be.
Otherwise, you can even start blank and build from scratch.

And for the second one. Yes again. You can make full games using just blueprints.
The only drawback of blueprint as far as I see it is that they are not as flexible as raw programming and a lillte slower than C++. But, that should be negligible until you are executing some huge script at once.

This playlist will teach you almost everything you need to learn to use the engine

That is the official tutorials. It is big as it will take you through everything the engine can do. Step-by-step. They are broken topic wise. For example - animation is 12-14 videos. Etc.

Thanks for the detailed answer. I go with Top down than. Thats a pretty big playlist you’ve got btw :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll check it out.