What's the best software to make animations (specifically fighting animations) to use in UR4?

Or should I just use UR4 to make animations?

Unreal doesn’t do 3d modeling or original animation (you can edit existing animations inside Unreal). The industry standards are Maya and 3dsmax for animation. People use Blender a lot for 3d modeling, I don’t know if you can animate in it or not though.

Blender is fine for animating too. You just have to know, understand, and be able to produce the whole animation pipeline, IF you don’t have already a completely ready to go character and rig. (Workable in Blender) If you are just practising or a student, you can get most auto-desk applications on year or 2 trials.

Thanks guys. I’m already using 3ds max so I’ll just make animations with that, maybe even learn maya too if I’ve time.

I use Unreal for modelling and original animation of rigged models and doing pretty fine.
3d max or maya are going to leave your pocket empty, blender is awful, so Unreal Engine is the best tool for animation.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a screen shot or some video of what you mean.