Whats the best size for a "Large Map"?

Okay So I am making a map in World Machine to Export/Import into UE4. My question is, what’s the best size for a heightmap? I previously made a 120km x 120km landscape and I found that Importing it as 100x100x100 in the UE4 Tiled Landscape Import option makes the World large… but the falloff of the edges where my shore line is, is extremely large and round. I’ve tried adjusting this but it renders a poor result. So I am going to remake my landscape and I need to know what I should set it as. Maybe like 12kmx12km? or 20x20? Not sure what would be a good idea. Thanks in advance!

you should be using the block tool for floors and the terrain tool for hills, and models and blueprints for other things… That is the best way to do things… Happy to be of assistance…


Falconsoft, I’m not sure you really understood my question or maybe you don’t understand terrains in Unreal Engine. Terrains are the foundation of MMORPG’s or really, any 3D Game and If I used the block tool for the floors and the terrain tool for hills, my results would look so horrible and so far from my overall goal that I would have to start all over and all the time I would have wasted in making all that could have been spent towards figuring out the actual size I should be using. Which I figured out by the way. I need to use 20kmx20km for my main island and use a smaller size for my smaller islands and with world composition I could have a very large map with good resolution, at practically no risk of lag on my game due to an extremely large map. :smiley:

Sorry i could not be of help, hopefully someone with more knowledge here can help you out. I just thought you were trying to make a mmorpg.

try this

Kina noob question but are blockers even needed for floors? I’ve made a
Fairly intricate level so far using static meshes as my floor and currently seems to work fine. Unless I am going to run into trouble down the road in development I’m unaware of…

No, the best way In my opinion is to use the landscape tool to make a floor for the world. If you are using static meshes to make buildings you simply need an object with a simple collision on it so you wont fall through into eternity. If you have a simple square floor all you need is a basic box collision. And Axxi that was exactly what I was looking for thanks a million!

np have fun !:smiley:

Okay, just In case anyone else reads this, I want to update some information that I came across that can help you tremendously. Here it goes:
I created a 20.2km x 20.2km landscape. (The reason it is 20.2 KM is so that I get an even number when I do my mathematical equation later)

In Unreal 1 Unit = 1 Centimeter.
1 Meter = 100 Units.
100 Meters = 1,000 Units
1,000 Meters = 1 Kilometer.
20.2 Kilometers = 20,200 Meters.

So let’s do some math.

In Unreal Engine when you import landscape you’ll notice the X - Y - Z are default at 100 - 100 - 100. This is a % based numeral. So it’s 100% - 100% - 100%.
Now, X and Y are 505 Units. Which = 100% and Z = 512 Units = 100%

So in World Machine. My Terrain is 20.2Km x 20.2Km at 2048 Meters in Height. In Unreal Engine my imported terrain would be as follows.
X = 4,000% - Y = 4,000% - Z = 400%.

How I figured this out:

505 Meters = 100% (X,Y)
512 Meters = 100% (Z)
Then 20,200 / 505 = 40
So 20,200 / 505 is 40 100%'s. Meaning 40 * 100 = 4,000.
So I am left with 4,000% X - 4,000% Y
Now for Z.
512 = 100%. 2048 Meters / 512 = 4. So, 4 * 100 = 400%.

End Result is 4,000 - 4,000 - 400.