What's the best place to start to make a first person shooter?

Let’s say I wanted to make a shooter, with a new map and art assets, some movement customizations like prone, and mouselook, and some different gun mechanics. What’s the best jumping off point for that? There seem to be 3 places to start:

  1. Start from the First Person template.
  2. Start from Shooter Game, and build on top of it.
  3. Mod Unreal Tournament.

What I’m describing would be more like a mod for a finished game, but having looked at UT pre-alpha it seems really early days to be depending on it for a mod to work properly on top of it.

Shooter Game seems like maybe that’s the same, and it’s not sturdy enough code yet.

Starting from the template seems like a whole lot of work, when what I want to do sounds more like tweaking a pre-existing game.

What’s the best way?

Bump? Anybody?

If you’re quite new, the shooter game is the best place to go from if you are still wanting to build on top of existing code.
There’s plenty of stuff on the Wiki that builds on the shooter game example.

There’s a lot of tutorials on YouTube, or in the unreal documentation for building on any of the templates. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding!

I personally would recommend you the fps blueprint template, because you will nearly have to start from scratch -> you learn how everything works + fully flexible + blueprints are easier to use :slight_smile: