What's the best FBX editor?

I’ve tried using Blender but got unusual results. I have maya and max, thanks to a friend sharing her keys (ive been trying to talk her into joining my team but shes too busy, anyhow I need to edit the mixamo animations to give them differences. Make Alex sway here hips a little and other little things. So my question is this, what tool do you use to animate?

I wonder if there is a bump rule.

Anyhow I’m stil coming up blank on a decent FBX editor, I need to raise some shoulders and other things

What’s wrong with Blender? It works fine for me.

then thee must be something I’m doing wrong, mind you, I havent actually animated very many things… any pointers Cyaoeu?

Well it’s easier to answer if you can tell us what the problems are… :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no doubt that motionbuilder works best with fbx and characters by the sheer of tools it provides for motion editing, because thats were the format came from,

the pricing for the license is probably the biggest negative point compared to what it offers.

cya, is a snap of Alex the rabbit, without ears and tail for now, and her shoulders are slumping in the idle pose. I want to fix that.

high, I’ll look into it. Thanks!

What rig are you using? It looks like a skinning (weight paint) problem. I think using the UE4tools rig and retargeting other animations (mixamo or whatever) to it works the best.

But regardless of what rig you’re using it should be possible to solve the problem. For example there’s the pose driver node, you can use it to drive corrective morph targets (shape keys) based on a bone’s orientation.

you sure youre talking english, cya? Pose driver node? what’s that? (UR4 noob) I’m actually using the standard mixamo character, which did not have this problem within miaxamo. Ive been thinking about getting the Manual Bastoni rig in but until MB releases his next eye watering version im kind of wading water sand poking about ue4 to swee what I can come up with through Maximo:P

Just google it if you want to know what it does, the devs explain it better than me. If it looks better in Mixamo it should really look the same in UE4. A Manuel Bastoni addon character is probably better since it’s easier to edit in Blender, but then Mixamo animations won’t look right if you don’t change the retargeting base pose. Also that addon doesn’t really support 0.01 scene unit scale in Blender which is what you want for good results in UE4.

The best option is to make a character yourself and use a mannequin like rig (like UE4tools), then you can use mannequin animations and easily retarget Mixamo animations using this technique: cyaoeu's bag of Blender tricks - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

You can also edit a character and fit it to the UE4tools rig, it’s easier if it’s in an A-pose from the start. But using non standard rigs like Mixamo rigs or Manuel Bastoni rigs will probably give you problems.

I’ll try to Mixamo in the T pose, see if that won’t help.

As for the scaling, I import in at 100x and that works well for UE4. I’ll slap my IK rig on Alex, make a basic walk cycle and go from there if that won’t help much. I might have to go for the custom animations or at least pull out Ue4 Tools and invest some time into getting it working.

I’ll try to get my MBL rig in, after all, I do have custom bones so it’s best to go custom all the way and use maximo as reference

Use Mixamo