Whats the best device to test on?

I’m looking to start testing my game on android and I currently have a Galaxy S3 and I’m having some problems with it. What is the best android to test on? I prefer to not buy another phone outright to test on so I prefer a tablet or something. Also, when I look at the size of my game, its 1.5GB. Will it be that size when I go to set it up for deployment?

Thanks for the advice and help!


In relative order of likely succes:

  1. You can check Epic’s Device list, that way you can see what epic is using to test the engine (and be 99.9% confident it will work on your device like theirs)
  2. Nexus devices usually do really well cause they have proper/updated drivers, and are “vanilla” android, and overall well tested. Although be aware of running latest and greatest version of android before epic has a chance to tweak things to work on major new versions ( like Android 5.0).
  3. Lastly, i’d recommend major vendor/main stream devices (samsung and the like).