What's Submit HZB? It's consuming high GPU resources

Hi, using the GPU Visualizer when playing, and I see something called HZB inside of the Scene category that apparently is consuming a lot of resources, with a duration of 20 ms aproximately, while most other stuff is under 1.Specifically it’s the Submit HZB part of HZB. But the question is: what’s HZB and how to deal with its apparently high performance cost? I’m trying to discover what made the performance of a project go from 120fps to under 30.

Okay I don’t understand from reading it but this all I could find:

“HZB: A hierarchical Z-buffer (HZB) is a method of rasterizing certain portions of a scene into a depth buffer and then performing image-space occlusion queries on a hierarchical structure constructed from the depth buffer.” There was more information in the article if you are interested.

Thanks for the info.

Did you manage to find an answer? I’m facing the same problem and can’t figure it out.