What's new in documentation


This last time , I’m much in the documentation,
it isn’t easy to see what has been added since 4.4.3 or above and even though I spend a lot of time on the forums to see the latest news
So please, add filters such as Last Modification (Change ?) or just add a “what’s new” with last added.

I hope you understand me.

Thank so much

Hi ChrisTm,

We definitely want to make sure everyone knows about new documentation, videos, and in-editor help. We’ve been putting updates in the release notes, but to try to really make them visible, we’ve started this thread for Learning Resource updates! If you subscribe there, you’ll be sure to get updates as we add them. This mostly covers really substantial updates or new pages, so you still might come across other pages as you read that look a little more up to date or have more information than before. :slight_smile: We’re always trying to think of ways to highlight new information, so thank you for the feedback!

all right , i’m subscribe , thank you