What's happening to my navmesh?

I don’t know what’s happening to my navmesh!

ps: how come there isn’t a dedicated subforum for navmesh/ai/bt/eqs?

First of all, Behaviour Trees etc are no different from simple blueprint logic.
Second. Please state - what is it that you are trying to achieve? What exactly is the problem? more details…
Third - I think the navmesh is just being constructed… if you need to modify it somehow, then there are other components for that purpose.

Hi xintoc,
I thought the picture spoke for itself. Those artifacts in the navmesh were never present while working on that level before.
The gif also clearly shows that there are some holes in the NavigationMeshBoundsVolume.
I’m really puzzled.
I’m using 4.11.2 in that screenshot if that can be of help.

I don’t understand the meaning of your third point.

PS: behavior trees can be done in C++ too, and they are quite different from blueprint logic.

EDIT: I can see that the total black from the original picture might not be the best way to show that the environment is simple and flat. Here’s a picture with light:

Project Settings > Navigation Mesh > Cell size : Try lowerin it and tweak other settings

Tried it, but it just gets closer to an obejct that is not really there…

Take a look at the wireframe and collision bounds. Might help sort it out.

While attempting to debug, I enabled this option:

It shows some kind of ghost meshes not connected to anything…
You can see them here:

From World Outliner can be seen that there are no items in the map, beside one mesh. And when that mesh is taken out of the NavigationMeshBoundsVolume the ghosts magically disappear.
Very puzzling.

Reloading the editor made the ghost meshes disappear, and I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug in any way…