What's everyone playing these days?

I’ll go first -
Battlefield 4 on PS4
FarCry 3 on PC
Diablo 3 on PC

Battlefield 3 (PC)
my own game Caede (testplaying) :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t gone for the new consoles yet, so…

Still play Forza Horizon / Forza 4 / and a bit of GTA V on Xbox 360 :cool:
Played and got sick of Watch Dogs on PC (dat stuttering… :mad:)
And also still play FarCry 3 on PC as well, great game!

DayZ Standalone with friends. The game is like a hangout spot for us.

PlanetSide 2 (pc)

I’m still afraid of DayZ, like ill get too invested then lose everything, then be depressed and rethink life :wink:

Nothing at the moment, but my most recent favorite was Deus Ex HR. I’m all about single player games.

Same here, I wish more games would work on developing a really good story and atmosphere, rather than try to out-do their competitors multiplayer features… Seems like most of the upcoming games this fall are all multiplayer focused unfortunately. I’m not against multiplayer, I just would much rather get lost in a game’s world & story, than compete for points in a deathmatch. :slight_smile:

Let’s see, I have a bit of a long list!

League of Legends (most played)
Infinite Crisis
Borderlands 2
Dawn of War 2
Diablo 3
Starcraft 2
Assassin’s Creed:Black Flag (again)
I also pop into the older Unreal Tournament games occassionally.
Outside of video games, I just got back into a pathfinder game so there is that!

I’m trying to get an emulator that I can play Final Fantasy Tactics on, or just actually hook up my ps2 again to play some Chrono Cross!


We need more games like Dishonored, Deus Ex, Bioshock, etc. I want to play Thief but UE4 itself is more fun than games to me lately, so…

Hehe, that’s exactly the problem here too.

But anyway, the only multiplayer I’ve ever enjoyed is… UT 2004. Still fire it up occasionally here for a LAN session with my daughter. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as shooting your first-born in the face with a flak cannon :slight_smile:

Still in love with GTA V and Halo 4.

Away from that I am pretty big into Magic the Gathering. I played a lot when I was younger and forgot how much fun it can be. Though my wallet would disagree :frowning:



Does my testbed project count as a game? It’s really fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Open Unreal Tournament
…Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 (My girlfriend and I play Co-op a lot lately)

Just finished Bioshock Infinite, which was my intro to Bioshock universe. Now I have to find the time to play the other two.

I spend all day on programming UE4, which is fun, but in the evening I relax with DayZ Mod. Although I’m not sure what’s relaxing about running aways form Zombies all night :stuck_out_tongue:

Replaying the Mass Effect games

Just finished the first one and on the second. Playing the second one right after is really awkward with how different they are. I keep wishing they’d have the screen space reflections of UE4, the Normandy would look fantastic that way.

Recently started Planescape Torment and Stalker Call Of Pripyat with Misery Mod. I have to beat these two soon because I’m starting to worry about my sleep :smiley:

Sometimes I decide to play them for “an hour or two” at night. Just to be reminded by the sun that it wasn’t “an hour or two”.

DayZ Standalone will be my next game that I will buy -> I think especially playing it with friends is fun :slight_smile:

Lately I seem to be mostly on PC

Played Stanley Parable finally was really fun

Replaying from time to time Skyrim After I did a New Vegas binge *Both Heavily modded

Planning on playing Divinity: Original Sin sometime in the next month

Battlefield 4 (the new DLC is amazing)
Killing Floor

The release of “Risen 3 Titan Lords” is just a few days away. I love the old RPGs made by Piranha Bytes. I think the studio is quiet unknown outside German-speaking countries.