What's causing such low FPS in my project?

I feel like I’m missing something, I can start up the 4.22.1 version of the editor, and have the first person example map loaded with the default game mode, live content browser turned off, with engine scalability settings set to 100% resolution, near view distance, low anti aliasing, high post process, low shadows, low textures, high effects and low foliage and I play this level in a new window and get 35 to 51 FPS when simply moving around ,and 40 something FPS to 51 when standing still. So what is making Unreal Engine eat up all these FPS?

I opened a brand new default first person shooter project with 4.22.3. All engine scalability settings are set to epic, live content browsing is turned on, and even in the editor it’s getting over 120 FPS! So what’s going on with my project in 4.22.1?

I also opened a brand new default first person shooter project with 4.22.1. All engine scalability settings are set to epic, live content browsing is turned on, and even in the editor it’s getting only 60 FPS. Is it an engine bug that was fixed in 4.22.3?

So you will see not only is the engine version effecting the FPS but also apparently my project itself.

Maybe you have different default settings on the engines?
Maybe the faster one defaulted to forward shading?

Either way just Stat UNIT and record a session to analize where you spike.
(From around 50 down to 20 there has to be a spike).

Last but not least. Resolution matters. A 1060 cannot run 2k at 60fps on full screen. In fact, it probably struggles on a 1080p setup. Most if not all modern AAA games struggle with older 1900px monitor and drop fps like crazy at max settings.

Hope that helps you figure it out.
Also since you were saying g you get different fps in fullscreen, that’s normal. And currently I’m also finding that fullscreen is limited to 60fps in 4.3, with vsync off.

Hi I’ll try taking a look at some of the things you mentioned, thank you.
I should mention I never said anything about full screen, but I am in fact usually running it in a smaller sized windowed that isn’t full screen. But you are saying fullscreen is locked at 60 FPS, and even in 4.22?

How would one go about checking if it is using forward shading? I’m not well versed about it.

Project settings, and in the rendering you have a variety of options to check what is being used.
If you are struggling with optimization and forward rendering gets you over the target fps with a decent look, you may want to consider using that. I dont like it, but I had to do so my self. It’s over 20fps gain for me…

Re the fullscreen. The lock happens for me in .23 when you F11 into fullscreen.
You can literally see the fps counter drop from 110 on a fullscreen 4k window, to 60fps the moment you hit F11 without any screen size change. (I have a topic on this in the rendering sectio, it has BP code to bypass the issue by placing the game in fullscreen windowed mode.

Re the 1070 vs the 1060. It’s a little better, it can indeed handle most AAA at 1080p, but I think the FPS would be more around 30 then 60 in modern stuff.

Re the size on screen.
If you play in PIE (inside the editor) the size of the pie window is whatver you modify it.
It can give you a decent estimate of how your computer would render, but it’s obviously not rendering as much data as a full screen, so when you launch the project in a new window that is larger, you will definitely see a MS and FPS drop of some sort.

I cant say I understand why, but at 2k on a default project I’m well above 120fps, jumping to 4k the frames are around 108 or so.
I wouldn’t expect the engine to render 4k at 120 on my screen and card anyway, but it’s quite a hefty drop in performance considering the screen size increment isn’t really that life changing to the look and feel. Especially with a locked FOV…

Hope that helps, best of luck.

I figured it out. It happens when there’s a pop up on the screen from Unreal Engine, especially the ‘changes to source files have been detected’ one. It lowers the FPS by a ton as long as it is still open, but if you close it, everything goes back to normal, tested it on 4.22.3

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