Whats a good method for re using locomotion animations with different weapons?

So basically I have an 8 way blend space for unarmed locomotion… is there an efficient way to just move the dude’s arm to a fixed location to look like he’s holding a bow… spell… sword… shield…etc

I’ve used the record animation feature and it’s pretty cool but you can only mess with rotation it looks like… when you mess with the location of the bones it stretches the mesh rather than inverse kinematically calculating what im wanting to see lol…

is there a way to use inverse kinematics to make animation data??
what do i do? lol

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think FBX exports IKs, or at least UE4 doesn’t import them.
The animation is baked on export by Maya or Blender.

The clean solution is to just animate with your tool of choice.
Make a small loop with only the arms of the character positioned like you want them to, for each class of weapon.

Then you can just blend that animation in with the walk cycle/whatever and you’re good to go.

first, thank you for responding…
I guess with the IK i was asking if there’s a way to use IK at runtime but then record animation data… cause ideally i’d just use the Jog animations… i would just IK the hand to a spot where it would be holding a bow… or a sword and shield… its hard to do that with key frames…
is there a way to straight up zero out anim data on bones?