What's a better way to create houses ? BSD on Unreal or Modeler?


I need to créate a standard house to simulate reallistic interior… i have furniture and things, but i´m a bit stuck at house structure…

I have in mind three thoughts:

  1. Create directly in Unreal Editor using BSD Geometry which seems to be nice and easy but complex on detailled parts like curves or roofs.
  2. Create the whole mesh of the house at 3D Modeler (i guess this is not a good option thought)
  3. Create house parts like a piece of Wall, piece of Wall + window, piece of Wall + door, piece of ceiliiing, piece of floor, etc, in 3D Modeler and use them as modular building in Unreal…

Any tips?

Thanks so much.

Hello!, I wouldn’t recommend the first option. I would go for option 3 because it makes everything faster (texture mapping, lightmapping, and modeling itself) in case you want to make bigger scenes of course. But if not then there’s really no much difference between 2 & 3.

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Yes, a house mesh is basically a plane mesh, part of the default options in Unreal, then used for floor, ceiling walls, with different materials. Windows and doors require basic mesh editing, and depending on how the roof looks, too. If you want thickness, you can use the Merge Tool (found in the Developer Panel) to combine meshes.

Good thanks!