Whatever happened to city-builders?

I was wondering, my first game was sim city 3000. and then I branched out to the impression studios games like pharaoh and emperor. I wonder whatever happened to a good old fashioned city-builder? I would love to play the new one that came out recently I can’t remember it’s name. But it won’t work on my computer. I mean banished is really good and so is cities skylines. And so will the one I am making. That is if I can ever get it off the ground.

Apparently, Cities: Skylines ( is “cat’s meow” as they say when it comes to city sims.

They easily took over the crown when EA’s last attempt, and consequent fiasco, at city sim failed.

Having said that, I have not played Cities: Skylines myself, but reading around the Web, everyone is quite happy with the sim and where the creators are taking it (they recently released a “snowfall” expansion).

There’s also the Anno series of course. City builders are still going strong long after the demise of Sim City.