What you would want to see in Next Update of Modular City

**Hello everyone , Have good day ?
here is a small preview of what the update reserves for you: Modular City, ultimate update coming soon: What will be the big changes?
The main features :

Modular House with full interiors ( modern house, old style house , standart house and must house style ) .
Modular Building with full interiors ( at least 100 unique and different style of buildings )
Modular Road, road tunnel, bridge and rail road with blueprint improvement
Modular Gas station
Modular Restaurant with full interiors
Modular coffe & bar with full interiors
Modular Fast food with full interiors**
Modular Commercial Centers **with full interiors

Will be included :

City vegetations such as palms tree and others ( possibly expand it behaviour with splines blueprint to allow more features )
Include grass accompagnied by blueprints to expand proprieties.
Include plants for decorations ( small , medium and big )
Include ivy and hedge **( possibly expand it behaviour with splines blueprint to allow more features )
Includes simples clothes meshes
City props
House props
Building props
Fast food props
simple clotches
Differents staircase and more.

**Materials and textures :

Automatic tiling and textures alignements with tiling, rotation, sizes, offset, resolutions control in real time.
Dynamic texturing in editor
Graffiti and fonts generators plus decals materials.
Textures generators with substance plugins ( 2k to 32*32 ) to give you best control on textures resolutions.
up to more than 300 unique, different and varied materials

others features : **

**City build for day and night cycles, with random interior light colors and intensity control , day cycles control.
Includes Moon and sun meshes and materials with full emissive control

Meshes optimizations to reduce vertex count and memory sizes.
great lightmaps resolution for all assets**

We did not only want to give you assets, but also a documentation on how to make a great profit and other related information such as lighting, shading, etc.

**As our intention is to reduce the marge between indie developpers and AAA games studios by giving you , a really nice and powerfull tools to create amazing games, and great powerful idea to get a dynamic studio working for you for free ( it’s a surprise that I reserve for you after the release of Modular City V2 ).

You want to have something specific in the upcoming update, be free to post the image of what you want to see in the next update, you can also send me images of different road intersections, bridges , etc…**

**Thank to customers that support me. Big up **

cordially MasterHipoly

Some kind of modular modern glass and wood stairs like this would be awesome

@jojo8026 Cool, that will be included, that’s all you want to see?

Well, until I can check the updated version with interiors I can’t make detailed requests knowing what might be missing or needing changes.
But I can make some requests anyway obviously. Here are some building designs that you might add, obviously you can’t copy those designs 1:1 but you can get ideas and mix them to create your own unique designs that resemble those here and there.…ge-gallery.jpg…67/nexus.0.jpg…b5694ebc35.jpg…/03/0025-0.jpg…aij-106375.jpg…_h201211_8.jpg

Then about other requests…

Sports Centers:

Detailed Stadium:

Elevators designs to add inside and outside buildings:…20-%20Copy.jpg…or-500x500.jpg…_Elevators.jpg…or-PVE30_2.jpg…-elevators.jpg…jpg?1501848502…IN-Quarter.jpg…3/09/450-3.jpg…uo_400x400.jpg…8403778811.jpg…648951_515.jpg


Stadiums and sports centers will not be included, only tennis and basketball terrain will be included. If you want them, it can be created in another pack. Some images are quite low resolution and are not good in all angles to model. Choose images with at least 1024 * 760 resolution and which exposes a large part of the details of the object to be modeled. One last thing some buildings like this one are much more complex to model from the outside and I can not guarantee that it will have a total interior, unless you use the modular parts of other buildings ( that will be included in pack ) to build the interior yourself.

in this image for example, the details of buildings and parts of the interior are distinguished which facilitates modeling…

Any ETA on the interior update?