What you expect from Stealth Games?

Hi everyone!

My team is currently developing RUN (you can check it out here:!run/cklj).

RUN is a stealth action game with puzzling levels.

We would like to know: What do you expect from a stealth game?

We want to polish our game and deliver an unique experience. And know a bit more ideas from you :slight_smile:

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Hello Staruwos,

I am a huge fan of stealth games like splintercell and metal gear solid. Every stealth game should bring more options then just one when you are in a situation of needing to progress to beat the level. For instance I need to by pass a door, I could try hack the keypad but be more risky and take more time or I could unscrew the vent and enter by that. Along with things on that dont make it to easy or to hard, in situations like this.

I could go on for days about this, but that is a few things I would keep in mind :slight_smile:

Hi Meathead,

Completely agree.

However, do you think the action is necessary? For example, kill a guard to pass through the level.

It really depends, Will you be adding a score system such as if they can stealth past a guard you get more stealth points. Related to Splintercell I have been rank 1 in the world on there leader boards with their missions. I would like to talk more about your game and your questions so I will PM you :slight_smile:

Punitive : I expect from a stealth game to be really punitive, and make the player understand that he has no chance if he goes the “hard-way”. And if he do, then he have no chance of survival.
Fair : If the player is spotted, it must be his own fault, there is nothing more frustrating than an unfair game. For exemple, AI spotting you because you hid behind a box which apparently cover your whole body, but the collision box does not concur, so it’s like the AI can see through the box. Or when an AI hear you because you made some noise 2 floor below (it happened to me in Deus Ex)
Make you awesome : The game have to give you chance to be an awesome and daring stealth ninja of the death. The level design has to propose you some path which may be difficult but really cool to take. Path which make you say : “There is three guards, it’s nearly impossible, but I can do it”… Ok, I don’t have any exemple right now and It is maybe not very clear. But if I had to say an exemple it would involve : diversion, throwing shuriken, wall runing, and maybe some unicorns.

And I think this is a good start :slight_smile: (maybe)

These three topics summarize a stealth Game, Navezof. We are working on that.

One of the features we’re thinking of, is the possiblity of crafting items. Then, you can interact with the environment and items to find an unique path.
For example: you can mix a Taser with a piece of wire to create a “Eletric Wire” to help you distracting the enemies.
Or you can use your crowbar to open and go through the ventilation tubes.

Hey Staruwos2,

The idea you have of crafting items, I believe, is a great idea to put into your game. Makes the player make use of all his/her surroundings. I also think that killing should only be necessary if it is a last resort. Dishonored had achievements for not being spotted and/or killing enemies. Hope to hear about this game in the near future.

Good luck and have a great day!

Hey Sean!

Thank you for your feedback :D.

The focus of run is to solve the puzzling levels. Interact with the environment, items and other NPC’s (not enemies) to pass through each level.
As you said, killing a guard will be only necessary if it is a last resort.

I’d like to invite you to check out our Facebook page:
You’ll be updated with news and more info about the game development :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

I thought Dishonored did that great, while you could kill guards and civilians to make it through, it actually increased the plague levels throughout the rest of the game. So you were effectively making the end game harder and harder the more you resorted to killing. The punitive punishment wasn’t in the now, but it was something you were aware of and affected game play.

I love stealth games. Although I do not have any feedback on the topic, something did catch my eye though on the website. For some reason the first sentence doesn’t flow very well, I suggest maybe changing it to: “RUN tells the story of a man called Isaac Wain, who/whom(?) is falsely accused for the murder of his wife and daughter.” I got stuck on it because I can usually skim past sentences fast, but I had to reread it to get the context. :smiley:

Maybe a little off subject, but there is an article about stealth game on gamasutra. It’s kind of a light analysis of a stealth game. In case someone is interested.


I would like to emphasize the importance of never breaking immersion! You should work hard to make sure that nothing ever seems out of order. For example, in many stealth games you don’t have to ability to hide bodies/your tracks and when another guard approaches they never take notice of the missing guard and/or its dead body lying in plain sight!

Another thing to make sure of is that guards react appropriately to player actions, for example sounds. Guards really should take notice if you go blazing your rocket launcher around and not just be alert when you are sighted. Some advanced stealth games may also take in other factors such as smell, shadow movements etc. Proper AI is key as stealth games are generally based around important AI behaviors.

It all depends on the game though but immersion in stealth games is super important :slight_smile:

Exactly Mater Kenth! We would like to bring this immersion. It’s awesome for the gameplay.

About the sounds: they are VERY important. Imagina a game without any sounds: boring.
We are paying a close attention to the sounds and its details.

As you said, AI is a key in stealth games. We want RUN to have a good AI. Interation between player-enemy-environment.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey cool work so far,

got a few questions on your designs and AI,

Are you using AI Behaviour Trees? and is your AI designed using EventTick for his Line trace?

I like the design, I need similar AI for a horror game, but It will require more advanced Pathing and Navigation, but I was curious to other peoples designs as to detection, and you also mentioned sound; Any idea how you plan to implement that as well?