What would you like to see in my new Minimap/Navigation plugin?

Hi all! I’m developing a new plugin focused around in-game navigation tools like Minimaps, Compasses, Waypoints etc.

I found myself wanting to add the same set of features to many of the personal projects I’ve worked on, so I thought having one easy plug-and-play toolkit would be helpful for not only me, but anyone else wanting to add the same functionality to their games.

Currently the plugin supports:

  • Location/Actor-based Waypoints that are displayed on screen
  • A compass to orient the player, and optionally display Waypoints
  • A static Minimap system that you “bake out” in the editor before playing

I’m planning on adding:

  • A dynamic, real-time Minimap that uses a SceneCaptureComponent instead of a baked Texture
  • A path-to-target overlay on the minimap that guides player to specified waypoint using navigation
  • Minimap/Compass highlighting of actors (red circles for nearby enemies, yellow for friendly NPCs etc)

I want to make this toolkit as handy as I can and I’d love to hear about new and interesting features you would personally find useful!

Current features:

Minimap texture baking: