What would u guys like to see in the Marketplace 3d assets?

Just like the title say, what would u guys like to see anything thats 3d model.

Character Cloaks

I want to see More Modular Component-based 3D Entities that are readily customizable by swapping interchangeable Parts/Accessories, and Materials. UE4 Actor’s Hierarchical Components System is ideal for this purpose. I see plenty of Modular Kits for Architecture/Levels creation but only a very few for Entities such as Characters, Vehicles, Weapons, etc. I don’t purchase any 3D assets that are not easy to customize or extend on.

With a modular component-based approach you provide supplemental accessories packs (which can translate into more profits). I personally would like to see more collaboration between content providers to create parts packs for each others 3d packages especially when it comes to 3d assets that players control such as Characters, Vehicles, Weapons.

The UE4 Mannequin is allowed with any Marketplace package. I find it interesting that Content providers are not making various Armor modding kits for it…go figure. There are a few modular Humanoid packs and I do appreciate that, but, we could use some Modular Monsters! I would like to see a group of 3D modelers to pick Human base body and start creating swappable parts pack for it.

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Got Monsters?

High quality, yet properly created vegetation. There’s almost none.
High quality definition: Something you can compare with what you see in actual AAA projects.

The lack of wizard type characters us shocking, would love to see some high quality mage-like models

more dope dragons i know oddly general but i think dragons are awesome and wish i could model some.

Some Destoryed Buildings maybe that be enterable. there is non like that here.

  • Modular sci-fi cities, all buildings with interiors highly detailed mesh and textures. All props fully detailed with interactivity… not just openable doors.
  • Plugins for APEX destructible mesh generation having all features of Nvidia APEX PhysXLab with batch functions to speedup conversion in the GUI (Nvidia APEX SDK FractureTool.exe seems the only batch capable utility)
  • Modular/Procedural Data Centers and Research buildings with detailed working props (servers in a rack could be powered on/off, components removed, simulation of real systems)
  • Sci-fi and not Sci-fi Modular/Procedural Hospitals buildings with detailed working props.

-crowd system
-fountain/waterfalls particle system

@DarkS474, i have taken to the knowledge and actually i am working on exactly that. Will keep you up to date on my tread, will soon rework it with new info.