What would be the ideal room size for full body motion capture?

I’m buying an apartament soon, and i wanna know what would be the size of a room for me to make motion capture, i don’t know how complex this is, it is something i want to keep in mind for the future, so when i get there i know i’m safe.

Full motion capture systems are not likely to be within your price range, if you’re going to do something like Kinect then I wouldn’t worry about the size of your apartment. If you have money to spend and you want good motion capture then you can also hire a studio that specializes in that.

The ideal motion capture studio is the size of an indoor gym. As in, you could probably fit an entire one bedroom apartment in that space :slight_smile:
It’s much better to rent space from a large photo studio, theatrical space, or warehouse, only for the time you need it, than to try to fit this into permanent space IMO.

The ideal living room for room-scale VR is bad enough. You want at least 2.5x2.5m (8ft x 8ft) of walkable floor space, or more, and then couches/tables/chairs/TVs/shelves between that floor space and the walls, so a 15ftx15ft living room is something to look for. You will find that this is actually very hard to find!

There is a new device called Perception Neuron which is a mocap solution for iClone.

Check the video. It’s a cool device. So room size should not be an issue, and the cost is about 1500, which way cheaper than renting a mocap for a day.

Thanks for the replies everyone, as for hiring someone, i wont, i wanna learn these stuff, even if it is not optimal, as far as space goes i will buy an apartment with the biggest living room size i can find, and if i need, i rent something bigger.