What would be the best practice for teamwork in EU4? several people working.


Today I got a question on Twitter to @unrealengine - “What would be the best practice for teamwork in EU4? several people working on the same project without that there is latency on the timeline.”

And suggested that I open this discussion in the forum. @unrealengine: “This is a great discussion topic for the forums. Can you join or kick off a discussion there? It’s better than 140chars.”

Well, here I am

Working with the EU4 with a relatively large team?

  • We have people working with designer level, more than one in the same level? maybe.
  • Programmers wins for dealing with C + + code and can easily use code versioning with Mergen and other resources
  • But what about the rest of a project? working so that 20 people will be hoping that not one single person to finish applying, for example, some visual change in the level
  • Put the project on GitHub created in EU4 work?
  • And teams that do not work on the same network? work for the internet

Who would have experience to talk about it? exchange ideas that can really add some result?

I would love the large participation of heads of Unreal Engine position believe that this issue is very important for indie studios, as in my case.

Thank you.

Most people generally use a Perforce server as UE4 has built in Perforce support and Git generally has some problems with Assets. I’m sure someone here will be able to link to a tutorial in setting it up - I don’t have one on me off-hand.