What would be a way of making a horse attachment? (plough, wagon)

Hi, i was wondering what would be a good start to create a kind of attachment for my horse ridingsystem, for example:

  • a plough as for farming is a not wheeled object that you walk to and you can attach the horse to it, it must follow the horse and have a point defined for rotations maby.
  • a wagon, same way, walk to it, attach the horse and get on wagon as driver. now we have a wheeled object that needs to be driveable. should i look more into a vehicle setup for the wagon attachment types? or can you do it a other way also?

i have a model that is setup as a vehicle as model no blueprints but its one complete mesh model rigged no seperated parts, so i’m protoyping a model in 3ds max of a wagon and also a ploug or cultivator type of attachment just to test around the workflow how to get a model complete into EU4 with correct collisions and so.

thanks for replying

For the wagon, you should probably make a basic vehicle without any thrust/engine or steering.
it simulates physics, so you can attach the horse in front of it by a socket and the horse should pull it.

obviously this may go very much awry because of the simulate physics. Try it first. If it doesn’t suit your needs, then the alternative is to include the horse in the BP (you can change horse mesh at runtime too). Replace the whole separated hotse/cart components with the merged one when the player boards it, so you can hide the fact with an animation.

For the plough it’s harder, but if you just needed it to slide around maybe simply attaching and simulating physics could do…

Also very interested in this. I tried it a while back with physics constraints but couldn’t really get satisfying results, since the cart usually bounces around too much. On YouTube, tutorials usually evolve around trucks, trailers, with 4 and more wheels, entire car physics involved.

Maybe you need to setup the horse together with the cart as MostHost eluded to above, have wheels rotate on AnimBP Speed > 0, rotate in tandem with horse actor rotation. Or the question is, how to connect the cart to the horse skeleton, maybe through physics constraint, or maybe the cart will just roll over landscape elevation changes good enough.

For a single player game, I’d recommend trying to attach to a bone socket as a component. For example: When the plough is attached to the horse, you set the plough component to visible.

I’m now building a prototype ,wagon once i got that finished i go try getting this ingame and see how we could handle,



Curiously enough, horse plus cart is the next step of what I have to create… at the rate things are going it’ll take me a month or two to get to it.
Literally plagued by engine bugs at the moment. And def. Not looking forward to weight painting the horse mesh… sigh…

Why would you do this with the amount of available options? Browse and Search the Unreal Engine Marketplace - UE Marketplace I can recommend this.

Oh, well, because I’m literally making a whole game solo, from scratch, just to prove I’m nuts like that…
if I didn’t make it from 0, I’m not including it.

Obviously this presents several obstacles, one of which was the fact I had never used blender all that much for non logo rendering before 8 months ago. Or the fact that the quality I want is possibly well beyond of what the engine can do while maintaining decent performance / optimization.
Doesn’t mean it’s not working though. Slowly but surely, I managed a decent landscape/world comp/streaming and character creation / gameplay implementation, on top of a realistic stars sky with position before the plugin became a thing - I suppose their solution is better now, but learning sun algorhytms was fun. A working custom ocean with Gertner and shore waves that doesn’t flog performance too much at 4k yet looks decent (not what I want at all, but decent considering). And a bunch of useless stuff… like a realistic parallax effect on arrows from a bow… my philosophy is if I can think it I can hammer it out…

Out of all the things to make, a horse is definitely not a problem despite of the relevant Pain of weightpainging something that doesn’t deform oddly…
And the experience on making photorealistic chars definitely helps with the hair sheets for main/tail :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m really just hoping the Epic team publishes the stuff to use the Niagara hair before I really get to it, as it might save me having to deal with the hairsheets at all… can’t know until I can bench performance… anyway…
Cuz I’m nuts.

Hi guy’s, i did some model creation and some tests. i build me a well as it got the same elements as a wagon, wheel, body and hitching handle. first i tried by adding bones to the model but not the result i was hoping. than i imported the same model but without skeleton and now using the constrains, this works pretty good one you found the correct values and set all to disable collission.

i will now do the same to my horseWagon and make that ready to start thinking how we go by attaching the horse and the rider.

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Please post a screenshot of your constraint values, thanks.

Just curious.

Were the regular car rig rules not working? Having access to the wheel component would save time and hassle in defining the physics…

i will post the values later from the constrains ‘Unit23’, ‘MostHost’, i was looking at the vehicles setup, but was more tinking to have it be rolling but not driveable like a car you know but we still testing.

keep you updated once i made some progress, now its not attaching but kicking it away lol, using the physic handle as the normal attach to actor not work.

Here are the values i used as the front part wheel and steeringblock, back wheels are the same values exept locked on rotation so they not steer

i was doing this guide but out of date and my result is that he kicks the object not grap it, more for a footballgame :slight_smile:

it only add the impulse and not realy grab the wagon or well., my first attempt was a bit better but was not following along very well, straid yes but once we turn no, and not in my defined position

update 18/12/2019:
The wagon is working better once i insert some sockets and fine tune the values of the constrains, i’m now watching a video that could do the trick as this shows how to attatch the trailer to a tractor and the trailer has the same non vehicle setup. i had to add a extra constrain where the horse must mount and pull the wagon.

i will now first finish the setup of the prototype wagon and than i migrate that into the tutorial and directly try to build the riding part. maby i will incl the prototype as a download once we got it 98% working :slight_smile: . could not be 100% as during export from my paint tool he messed up my mesh. (steeringblock)

Updated view, we have the wagon attached, now we need to look to keep the positions.