What will happen if you don't set up key binds and only specify in BP?

Hi everyone,

I want the character to be able to go into different modes and in doing so I can use the same keys for different things.
For example LMB will punch but in a different mode it will push or pull and object.

So I am thinking of skipping key binds in the project settings menu.
( I believe you cant set “sets” of key binds up)
What will happen if I do that?
Will that increase the risk of errors when you hit certain keys?

Thank you.

Keybinds would work fine for your situation. (And you can have “sets” of key binds - that would just be multiple “Actions” mapped to the same key,) but you don’t need to have multiple Actions on a key because you could just do it how you were planning to yet still use binds: use the same bind for all modes exactly how you were going to use the same BP event for all modes. It makes no difference to your BP whether the event that triggers it is hardcoded to a specific key or if it was bound to that key by the player. The event triggers, then the mode determines what action that event causes to happen.

That said, not using binds works too, it just narrows the player’s options. Eg a left-handed player might prefer to use RMB instead of LMB.

O.k. great to know thank you.
Yeah didn’t think of the left / right hand player issue that is a good point :slight_smile:
So it will have to be key binds then.
Can you explain what AFAIK means thank you? :slight_smile:

AFAIK = “As far as I know”. But I just checked, so now I know for sure that multiple Actions can be mapped to a key :slight_smile:

So if I understand correctly if you set a mode in BP that will dictate to a key bind what action takes place?
So setting of the bools with mode in BP will “higher rank / override” a key bind?

O.k. cool thanks.
I tried multiple actions once with key bind and it didn’t work but maybe I just didn’t set it up correctly :slight_smile:

I’d approach it from the other direction - let the keybind tell the BP that the player has pressed [whichever key the player wants to be] the left mouse button, then let the BP check which mode is current to know which action it should perform for that LMB click. (Or alternatively, have a different BP for each mode, all of them triggered by the same keybind, but a manager BP disables all of those BPs except the one that corresponds to the current mode)

Got it.
Didn’t even know you get a “manager” BP interesting.

“manager” BP isn’t a thing, it’s just my description of the script’s function - it’s a regular BP that I’ve scripted to interact with other BPs, in this case perhaps to toggle a bool in each BP which the BPs will check before they do anything to find out whether they’re allowed to proceed. :wink:

Interesting idea though.
Kind of a gatekeeper BP heh.
Then you just do a lot of casting I assume.